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The Results are in for Parkside Fuel’s first 100 Gallon Home Heating Oil Giveaway.  We appreciate the time and effort of everyone who has entered and wish we would help everyone that is in need.  This year we decided to help a community member in need and have YOU vote for who the winner should be.  We wish everyone a happy holiday!  Now, without further ado, The Winner!



***UPDATE 12/27/2012***

Upon further review we have decided to award another prize to the second place runner up in the Parkside Fuel 100 Gallon Home Heating Oil Giveaway! Congratulations Lisa C. – Shirley NY! You will be receiving a 50 Gallon Runner up Prize!

***UPDATE 12/27/2012***

Grand Prize Winner: Kristen A. on Behalf of Her Neighbor – Sound Beach, NY
This entry is not for myself but for my neighbor. Their daughter Julia was diagnosed with leukemia and for the past year has had numerous spinals and chemotherapy sessions. She has endured so much pain for someone so little (I believe she is 8 now) having to go through all these treatments must have been torture. Medical bills have piled up so fast that I am sure they have to be struggling to just make ends meet. Julia’s mom stays home with her so that leaves just the one income to rely on. I know that this gift would be appreciated so much!!

Runner Up: Lisa C. – Shirley, NY
During this time of year it is very hard for us as it is for many. We are a family of 8. 2 adults and 6 children under the age of 15. My husband and I work full-time and opposite shifts to help make ends meet. But still as the holiday approaches and money is tight with the bills and gifts, We find it very tough to keep oil in our tank. As it is very important to have heat and hot water we sometimes miss a day as we have to live paycheck to paycheck.  I know we are not the only family struggling and it would be great to help as many as possible.  Every little bit helps.


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Merry Christmas & Have a Happy New Year!